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golden conure for sale

golden conure for sale

    • Genus: Guaruba | Species: guaroubaCommon Name: Golden ParakeetSize: 34 cm (13.3 in)Weight: 270g (9.5 oz)Races including nominate: oneColour Adult: Both adults plumage bright yellow, primary, secondary and outer upper wing coverts dark green; yellow tail. Bill horn in colour. Bare, pink/white eye ring, eye brown. Colour Juvenile: As in adults but with dark green on cheeks and ear coverts; yellow crown, nape and upperparts, marked with dark green; underparts yellow; breast lightly marked with dull green; uppertail dark green marked yellow. Bill pink. Pale grey, bare eye ring. Call: Vibrant, high pitched note given singly or as many as 3-4 per second; during courtship a long strident note. Voice in general softer than Aratinga conures. The golden parakeet orĀ golden conure, is a medium-sized golden-yellow Neo-tropical parrot native to the Amazon Basin of interior northern Brazil. Its plumage is mostly bright yellow, hence its common name, but it also possesses green remiges.